Medzianky Castle almost fell into oblivion

These are the foundations and remains of a defunct medieval castle. It is located on an elevated rocky promontory above the village of Medzianky (Vranov nad Topľou district), from where there are nice views of the surrounding countryside. The period when the building could have been built dates back to the 12th century. Various owners took turns in it, and during the fighting, the castle burned down. In the 15th century, it was used by fraternal troops, which apparently had their headquarters here. After 1460, when they left the castle, it began to decay until it disappeared. It acquired its current form after archaeological research, which they began to carry out there in 1982. The castle was probably established as a royal guard building on the then - Hungarian border. Due to its origin, it belongs to the oldest profane stone buildings in the territory of Šariš.

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