The Underbridge gallery in Humenné

The imaginary heart of Horný Zemplín is specific because of various monuments and attractions. We will mention the manor house, open-air museum, or the related Eiffel Tower - Valaškovský bridge. From Humenné you can also get to Andy Warhol or the incredibly real Poloniny. Somewhere here, the story of the Gallery under the Bridge begins, which commemorates not only famous personalities but also objects of this history, culture, and sports of the city.

The author of the whole idea was born Tomáš Orlej from Humenné. Several "writers" breathed life into the pillars of the bridge. In the gallery you will find e.g. Renaissance manor house, open-air museum, Ginko Biloba, which is characteristic of the Peace Park, the statue of the good soldier Švejk or the Valaškovský most bridge. You will also find a lioness there, which guards the Humenné manor house.

The celebrities who made Humenné famous not only at home but also abroad were not forgotten either. There is also Ladislav Grosman - the author of the short story The Shop on Main Street, whose film adaptation won an Oscar in 1966, the world-famous piano virtuoso, conductor, and writer Peter Breiner and photographer Yuri Dojč.

There are also immortalized editor and cartoonist Peter Gossányi, reporter and writer Václav Pankovčín or one of the most important Slovak graphic artists, academic painter, and professor Orest Dubay, after whom the gallery hall of the Humenné manor house is named. There you will also find portraits of musician Marián Čekovský, fashion designer Lýdia Eckhardt or legendary football player Marián Čišovský.

Thanks to this gallery, life under the bridge has taken on a completely different dimension.

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