the Statue of the good soldier Švejk

The stone statue of the literary figure of the good soldier Švejk, who traveled through Horný Zemplín to the Galician front, can be found symbolically at the railway station in Humenné. The train became his home for a long time. The author of the sculpture is the human sculptor Jaroslav Drotár. 

You can also find Švejk's portrait in a smaller version on the square in Humenné near the Fountain of Love. A 52-kilometer-long cycling route is also named after him. It copies the railway line through which the front troops traveled during the First World War. It starts in Laborecké sedlo near the village of Palota and ends right in front of the statue of soldier Švejk at the Humenné railway station. 

This legendary character is also connected with the seasonal Train of soldier Švejk, which connects the Slovak and Polish side by rail during the summer. The line leads through the Lupkov tunnel, which crosses the state border and was of great strategic importance during the war. You have a unique opportunity to get along the historic route to the towns of Lupkov, Sanok or Rzeszów. You can also board at the main station in Medzilaborce, where you will be accompanied on your journey by a wooden statue of Švejk. 

If you follow in the footsteps of this good soldier, don't forget to look at the miniopen-air museum or the Andy Warhol Museum of Modern Art in Medzilaborce and stop at the romantic ruins of the Monastyr in Krásný Brod or the Humenné manor house.  

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