Hodošík - the highest military
cemetery in Slovakia

North-eastern border of Slovakia. A place that has had strategic military significance in history. During the First and Second World Wars, heavy combat operations took place in this area, in which many soldiers lost their lives. They are buried in cemeteries, which were established not only near villages but also directly on the battlefields.

One of them is located on the Hodošík hill (885 m above sea level), which makes it the highest war cemetery from the First World War in Slovakia. A total of 668 soldiers in 86 war graves are buried on it, of which 40 are individual, 34 joint, and 12 mass. The names of the soldiers are not known.

The cemetery has a circular floor plan with a diameter of 67 m. The graves are placed in five rows. At the top is a central cross. It is assumed that Russian soldiers are mainly buried in this war cemetery, which is why the locals also call it the "Russian cemetery". In the cadastre of the displaced village Veľká Poľana, which is located on the route of the Carpathian Highway, you will find another cemetery. The last resting place found there 340 soldiers. 

After the war, the fate of the cemetery was on the fringes of society's interest. At the turn of the 1950s, pupils from the Topoľa Primary School were to take care of the cemetery. In time, it stopped. In 1971, the Greek Catholic parish priest Myron Podhajecký from Veľká Poľana carried out a pilgrimage on the Hodošík hill for the dead soldiers. Because of this, he was transferred by the communists outside the district of Humenné. 

During the years 1994 to 2004, the Administration of the národný park Poloniny National Park organized temporary work to save this place of reverence. Since 2006, the maintenance of the cemetery has been provided by the Municipal Office in Stakčín through the Veľká Poľana Hunting Association. At present, all graves are well identifiable and the cemetery is maintained.

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