the Brekovský hrad castle with a wine cellar

The ruins of the medieval castle Brekov can be seen between the towns of Humenné and Strážske. It was built in the Middle Ages, at the end of the 13th century as a guard castle together with other nearby Zemplín castles Jasenov, Vinné, Čičva. However, Brekov Castle has fallen into disrepair since the anti-Habsburg uprisings. The Association for the Rescue of Brekov Castle began repairs on this historic building.

In addition to many other parts, they also reconstructed a relatively large wine cellar there. The wine stored in it was used for consumption. It was most likely drank by the gentlemen living there and their guests. It is said that at that time they were afraid of diseases, especially cholera and plague. They were afraid to drink water, so they only drank wine. Another interesting feature of Brekov Castle is that during one winter, King Matej Korvín of Hungary stayed in it and a little later King Jan IIISobieski of Poland also visited it. 

They also built a smaller museum under the castle, which has been a cultural monument since 1963. Visitors will get information about this medieval building. They also exhibit finds from the area, souvenirs are also available. An educational trail leads around the castle, within which you can get to know several local attractions, such as a cave or mounds. You will also find a place to relax or toast there. The castle can be reached by following the yellow tourist sign, which leads from the railway station in the village. The journey takes approximately 30 minutes. 

Every year, the castle hosts traditional events, such as the New Year's Eve winter ascent to the castle and the summer Drugeth Castle festivities.

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