The Árpád line

Do you know what the Árpád line is? It is a defensive wall built by Hungary during the Second World War for more than 600 km from Poloniny to Romania. The reason for its creation was the advancing Soviet Red Army. They built military fortifications during the war, so its efficiency and quality were low. After the line was broken by the Red Army, most of the buildings were destroyed, but some parts of it have been preserved to this day.

The Árpád line represents the little-known military history of this region. It was created at a time when it was already clear that Germany could not win the war and the Red Army was advancing to our borders. The Hungarian command realized the threat and therefore quickly designed and began to build this defensive wall. Preserved objects in the Nastaz Mountains, which are located near the village of Ulič are possible to visit while taking a tour on an educational trail. You will get to the Slovak-Ukrainian border. These are places that are strictly guarded and controlled by border police, so don't forget to bring your ID.

Visitors have the opportunity to see a system of trenches, shooting ranges, bunkers, anti-tank barriers, and obstacles on the sidewalk route. In total, there should have been several hundred such concreted objects. It is the only known preserved part of the Árpád line in Slovakia. 

The educational trail was created on the initiative of the village of Ulič and its cooperation with members of the Military History Clubs of the Beskydy and Carpathians and also employees of the Národný park Poloniny National Park Administration.

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